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Founders Agreement

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Founder's agreement helps enhance clarity of roles. Thereby drastically reducing the chances of clashes and increasing the chances of success.

Procedure to Get a Founder's Agreement

Get Consultation

Fill the form on your right to get in touch with our experts. They will explain you the the clauses of the founder's agreement mentioned above. Also, they will help you decide the factor's of those clauses.

Fill Information

Your assigned relationship manager will share a basic information form with you. The information in the form will be included in your Founder's Agreement. It will later help you take the important decisions.

Agreement Drafting

Our team of experts will draft your founder's agreement. They will make sure that the agreement complies with all the legalities and your business requirements.

Agreement Finalising

Your RM will share the drafted copy of agreement . You can review it with your co-founder and ask for modifications. We will make the necessary changes and share the final copy of agreement for approval.

Stamping and Delivery

We will get the final agreement stamped on Rs. 500 Stamp Paper and deliver the Stamped Original Founder's Agreement at your doorsteps.

Mihir and Adarsh (Not the real names) started a company in 2017. They were close friends. Given their compatibility and bonding, they did not feel the need to have a founder's agreement. They had a 50-50% share.

A year after starting, Mihir felt the business is not generating enough money. So, he stopped working for the business. Adarsh who believed in the business, kept working hard.

Adarsh started feeling that he alone is doing all the work. At the same time Mihir was getting share of profits without even giving time for his part of work.

They started having conflicts which later dragged them to court. The court asked for the vesting schedule. They didn't have any.

The fued turned ugly. And their company soon went bankrupt because of eroded goodwill in Market and internal fights.

What could have been a successful startup, ended in ashes. Just a founder agreement could have saved all the trouble.

What if they had a Founder's Agreement?

The Founder's Agreement would have defined the rights and obligations of all partners. Also defining the minimum years a partner is supposed to work to get his full share. It would have served it's purpose that is protecting the founder's interest.

Also, it would have set up a structure for how money will be shared and how decisions will be made.

Founder's Agreement Package and Pricing

Rs. 4990/- Including Taxes

  • Expert consultation on the basic clauses.
  • Expert consultation on the vesting schedule.
  • Founder’s agreement drafting.
  • Modifications in founders agreement.
  • Doorstep delivery of founder’s agreement on stamp paper of Rs. 500/-.

That's what Mihir Thought!

Mihir and Adarsh were best friends. Yet, they could not agree on each others terms. Future is unpredictable.

Importance of Founder Agreement

Founder's agreement is not a substitute of Trust among partners, its just a way to keep that trust intact.

Avoids conflicts among founders
Helps with legal decisions
Dispute Settlement
Assignment of Authority and Roles

Frequently Asked Question's

  • 1. What are the benefits of having a founders agreement?
  • A Founders Agreement helps you decide on the functioning of a business entity. It designates roles and responsibilities, structures ownership and compensation, makes decisions easier. Moreover, it also highlights the obligations and powers of co-founders.

  • 2. How do I get a founders agreement?
  • Simply, fill the form on your right and an expert will get in touch with you. He will guide through the process and requirements to get a founder’s agreement for your business.

  • 3. Is it mandatory to get the founder’s agreement notarised ?
  • The founder's agreement must be on a non-judicial stamp paper for relevant value. After you receive the physical copy of the Founder's Agreement on Stamp Paper of Rs. 500 from us, get it notarized from the notary person in your location.

  • 4. What should be included in a founders agreement ?
  • The founder’s agreement must have all the following important clauses:-

    • Clause about ownership and other rights arising therein
    • Duties, both jointly as well as severally
    • Dispute Resolution Clause
    • Clause about termination of a co-founder or winding up of the business
    • Confidentiality Clause

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